Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my life in pictures

these ones of vegas make me miss summer aka my tan a lot

 hawaii friends and i had to document our little gathering in utah.

 CZ the birthday girl! its not too often we all get together (just minus melis)
 cescret lake
 it's a secret shhhhhh
 oh when in seattle… she kicked me in the face, woah woah woah thats what i do
 the troll under the bridge, i was so excited to get to see this place
 oh ya know just trying to reenact 10 things i hate about you
 eww gum wall. thats my gum right over there.
 one of my favorite places of all time. love love love!

Monday, November 7, 2011

little treasures part two

my thomas grandparents were such adventurers! they traveled so much and i just love it. my grandpa thomas had a boat and a plane and pretty much i think he was always on the move. i love that even at the age of 75 they were still always going on adventures and doing so much. after my grandmother died about a year and half ago there were just a few of these little treasures that i wanted to keep. these old passports are a little treasure because they remind me of something i want. i want my life to be an adventure and i want to find someone who also thinks life is an adventure!

things to keep in mind…

my greatest adventure is you. - from the movie UP

and even as peter pan once said.. "to die would be an awfully great adventure."

Monday, September 26, 2011

little treasures

This letter is a little treasure of mine. It is a love/i'm sorry/tender letter that my grandpa wrote to my grandma when they were going steady. This letter is hidden away in one of my boxes and it holds a special place in my heart. I did not know my grandpa thomas as well as I would have wanted to, but when I read this letter I feel like I get to know a side of him that a grandchild wouldn't normally know. He really loved my grandma. He wrote her love letters like this, he told her how swell she was, he told her how much she meant to him, he fought for her. This is a little treasure that has become one of my most precious possessions. 

Love and kisses,

Friday, September 16, 2011

While I was home

As I get older it seems that I spend less and less time and home, but honestly that is all I want to do. So while I was home for a couple of weeks I had so much fun spending time with family and friends.

Here I am with beautiful Alyssa at her wedding. She was the cutest, I am so happy for her!
I am just loving my Dad's cheeeesy smile here.
 Sister love.
 Cousin and best friend love.
The next night we had a birthday dinner for miss Haley before she went off to NYC. I think I pose more when I take pictures with Haley. I have to keep up.

Yeah apparently we don't like each other.
 One of the cutest boys ever. Love it when the Haddocks come to visit.
 And then June came and life was just even that much better!
 If you check out my sister's blog too, June loves to put on my Mom's shower cap. I think she looks like the little mushroom character from Mario Brothers.
 June just putting the finishing touches on Bella. They both just look beautiful!
 June is obsessed with Grandpa. And I think she is hilarious when she does the awkward laying on him. Pretty much I just find her hilarious.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boston trip to see Melis!

The luxury of living in NYC is that you are able to go to visit nearby cities. And luckily I have great friends that live in these cities. Melis has been working hard in Boston! I loved seeing her! I was just happy seeing her in my trip in Boston!

We were however able to get an insider tour of Harvard! This is a picture of the Harvard library, very pretty, Harvard is lucky to have lots of donors so they can have all theses pretty buildings. One thing I do have to say is that all of these east coast schools have beautiful campuses and beautiful buildings. BYU does not have beautiful buildings ekkk, pretty campus but not so much on the beautiful buildings!
I also had a lot of fun with this kid, dance move pictures!

Trips to DC

So I've been able to make a couple of DC trips. I've loved spending time with my friends in this historical city. I got to spend the weekend with Christine and John. This is us wandering the streets of Georgetown. I somehow always get there when everything is closed oppps.

So this is a super tender picture of Christine and I walking around. We actually have a picture like this from a summer a couple of years ago of us walking arm in arm to a concert. We may spend a lot of time apart but when we are together it is like nothing has changed!!
I had a couple of things I wanted to do while I was in DC one was going to Ray's Hell burger! This place is so good and every time I eat there i feel sick after but like the good kind of full sick ya know!
My other request which Christine was nice enough to take me to was Mount Vernon. I went as a child with my family and I have been really want to go back and visit. Thanks CZ.
So, before I went and visited Christine in DC, Aaron and I made a trip down to hang out with our fellow Jeru friend Andrew. We had fun going to a NATS game, going to Ford's theater and just hanging out. Also this was my first visit to Ray's Hell burger! Honestly so so good! The boys were impressed that I was able to eat the whole burger, I'm a good eater! We also went to the Barlow Center in Georgetown, where we went to Aaron's old stomping grounds, note the picture below.
The boys showing how its done at Ray's Hell Burger.
Ford's theater!

playing catch up

So I was able to go to duck beach over memorial day weekend. yes i know memorial day weekend was forever ago but hey im trying. there were of course a ton of people at this beach but i loved just spending time with my friends at the beach. i heart all these girls!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i love this picture and i love this quote enjoy!

"not all those who wander are lost"-- J.R.R. Tolkien

the picture is from an upcoming movie Another World, which the idea of the movie is fascinating to me, but it also looks like a sad movie. but i find this picture absolutely breathtaking!

Friday, July 1, 2011

my popogigo!

my dad is swell! really he is swell! i should have posted this a while ago but i have been busy living the nyc life ha. father's day weekend i went to DC to party with jeru friends and we ended up telling a lot of dad stories and when i say we i mean to say mainly me ha. kidding. but i really did have a lot of dad stories, really good ones that my friends enjoyed. i always think that i need to write more of these stories down so that i can share them with my kids one day. but i probably should check some of my facts with daddy kim first. the title of this is my popogigo (way off on the spelling) but that is what i like to callmy dad whenever he comes in the door from work! so the story behind that is a few years ago my roommates and i bought a chirstmas tree and my one roommate addie thought we should call it popogigo. and that is because in the movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen an elf was giving all the names of santa clause in different languages and popogigo was one of them and we all thought it was hilarious so the name of our chirstmas tree that year was popogigo. sooo then i also like to call my dad mr. popageorgio (from family vacation: las vegas, watch again you'll see, so great, "mr popagerogio your usual table") somehow popagerorgio turned into popogigo and since daddy kim is like santa clause because he likes to spoil me i think the name is fitting. (sorry sorry people for my crazy train of thoughts)so i thought i share one of the many great stories of my daddy kim before i sign off. Daddy kim. BK. is the candy man at church. literally. kids come up, including me, asking him for candy. he always has plenty. but daddy kim likes to make people work for the treat. one thing that he makes a little girl in our stake say to him before she can get a sucker is "boy do you look handsome today!" and the way this cute little girl says it, is just the best! pretty good i know. enjoy. and
enjoy this picture of june and daddy kim. daddy kim giving his usual neck kisses. ps june is smitten with daddy kim. she gets all shy and flirty with him sooo tender!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I can't believe she is ONE years old!

I can't believe little Junie is a year old. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that I was the first Aunt to visit her in the hospital!! Anyways I remember at the hospital holding her for the first time and just thinking how little she was and how unbelievable it was to love someone so much that you have just met. I love my little niece June! She is the cutest, and pretty much every time I see her I tell her that I am her favorite and that I will bake her lots of yummy treats. Obviously from these pictures our relationship is going to be great!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i like this city

I've been in this city for about a month, and I have hardly taken any pictures. I just haven't taken my camera around with me because it is so big buuuut one of my wandering days I did take my camera and this is what I have to show for it. A Succession galleria with one of my favorite artist Klimt. Guggenheim museum. Walking all down fifth ave. And then all through Central Park. I walk a lot here and I love it, but my knee doesn't ha.