Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trips to DC

So I've been able to make a couple of DC trips. I've loved spending time with my friends in this historical city. I got to spend the weekend with Christine and John. This is us wandering the streets of Georgetown. I somehow always get there when everything is closed oppps.

So this is a super tender picture of Christine and I walking around. We actually have a picture like this from a summer a couple of years ago of us walking arm in arm to a concert. We may spend a lot of time apart but when we are together it is like nothing has changed!!
I had a couple of things I wanted to do while I was in DC one was going to Ray's Hell burger! This place is so good and every time I eat there i feel sick after but like the good kind of full sick ya know!
My other request which Christine was nice enough to take me to was Mount Vernon. I went as a child with my family and I have been really want to go back and visit. Thanks CZ.
So, before I went and visited Christine in DC, Aaron and I made a trip down to hang out with our fellow Jeru friend Andrew. We had fun going to a NATS game, going to Ford's theater and just hanging out. Also this was my first visit to Ray's Hell burger! Honestly so so good! The boys were impressed that I was able to eat the whole burger, I'm a good eater! We also went to the Barlow Center in Georgetown, where we went to Aaron's old stomping grounds, note the picture below.
The boys showing how its done at Ray's Hell Burger.
Ford's theater!

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