Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Needing to Update... this is what I have been doing with my life!

So pretty much my life these days consists of work, June, family time, work, baking, trying to figure out my future life in NYC, trips to Utah, too many trips to LALA land (as I like to call it and never take pictures of)... and yeah thats about it. I decided to add a few pictures from my trip to Utah and of course my good times with JUNE.

The picture above is comical because it was hard to get us all together during the trip and once we were I said we had to get in a picture! It was probably 11pm on Sunday night before Melis and I left the next day aka we are hilarious and I miss these girls soo much!
Cheesecake Sunday Brunch soo good and Hill was so sad she missed out.
Funny photo sequence, but I do enjoy the picture below of melis and i holding hands. We are tender.

Old friends and new friends combined and they were so nice to come watch me play soccer!
She is probably in my top five and that is saying a lot!!
It was so fun to have Anne come into town, our little Alaska friend! We went to a show that was way fun, Hillary wasn't too sure about the music but she did end up dancing!
Ash the birthday girl! During my 5 years of college (ha) you probably saw me out with one of these girls, true story!

Then of course I had to add some pictures of June!!


Needing to update... What I have been baking lately!

My sister, Megan had a house warming party and was nice enough to ask me to make the desserts for her party! I had so much fun making all these yummy treats. I think people were being too nice saying they were good. I mean I always think they are yummy because I hearts treats and sugar waaaay too much. But pretty much I was just so happy to be making treats. Slowly but surely starting my Kravings business!

I made my very own cakebites, yum yum!
Mini cheesecake cupcakes
For Valentines day I made some chocolate whoopies. Oh and I just remembered I tried to make them into red velvet whoopies but we ended up not having any red food dye... whooops whoopies!
I had fun though making heart shapes and XO shapes. Yeah for heart day!