Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My life in Jeru, in pictures!

So these pictures are all random again, but I have to steal them from others so pretty much the only way it works.

Haifa lookout point

Andrew and I

Petra Petra!!

Caesarea Phillippi


The separation wall between the West Bank and Israel

First look at Petra

Haifa lookout!

Cave springs in the Golan Heights

Yeah I ate that fish

Golan Heights with Elyssa, Kinzie, Gretchen and Jess

Me and Gretch at the lookout point

Look out point at Haifa

I can't remember where we are but I sure do love yellow flowers

On the sea of Galilee... Later our joke of the trip was i swam where Jesus walked. Don't worry we had spiritual moments too!

chariot racing at Caesarea

giving sam a mustache with my finger and apparently my hair too!

"let's take a picture together"
"ahhh yeah, can we hug?"
"ahhh yeahh"


Me and Nala and Nimrod's Castle

Me, Nala and Brookey as well as the Golan Heights in the background

kinzie, me, brookey, and aaron at a hike in galilee