Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mother Teresa's Birthday!

Hey Mommy T hey Mommy T!!! I love her she is great, we made her a birthday dinner that was so so good.
Pretty and yummy cake.
I love my Mother Teresa.

Loving Christmas time and Christmas decorations.
They love each other.
They really do.
Daddy Kim!

Everything She does is Praised!

June was able to come over for the weekend after Thanksgiving, oh and I guess Michael and Kirsten! Ha I love them and love having them around. This picture just below is our favorite, she has such a personality already! We Love Baby June!

She was hungry!

Even had to lick the table, to get every last drop!

Now its time for her bath!
Grandma T gave her a bath

She kinda liked it, kinda hated it.
Now she is all clean with Aunty Haley
June spit up on me but I can't even be mad at her really! I just love her so much. And you can't really tell but she was laughing after she did it. After it happened I was asking Haley to take June so I could get my shirt cleaned, it took three "Haleys" to get her to stop taking pictures and take the baby. Hey at least she didn't get the cashmere sweater. ha

Monday, November 22, 2010

came back and i go straight to june!

My little june bug is great. I had my sister wake me up so i could spend more time with them before i left la la land.

June Bug June Bug!
The photo shoot of her in the sunglasses was so great.

BEST PICTURE EVER! your welcome family for capturing it.
hehe she likes to smile
She chews her fingers and my fingers.

bye bye sad sad! miss my fwiends!

I left beautiful, WARM hawaii last week. Sad but good to be home. My great girlfriends threw me a little get together so i could say goodbye to everyone.

One of the last pictures of the night but one of the best. Bestest of friends since birth.
haha funny
So i love love love these boys, so glad i have had them in my life for so long.
Skyler ruins everything
Friends, fwiends
On one of the biker gang's motorcycles. See how the yellow just bounces out!

Andy was such a great photographer, he documented the night so well.

Best roommate ever, i miss hannah.
Clark is great.

They made me an awesome card. Even had a picture of my boyfriend. ha

i just want to hang out with my girlfriends

Purple Hats Society!
We are funny, rarrr!
Our purple hats are the best, we are the best, i love us.
Chels putting her hand up and saying "heyooo."
Last night in hawaii dinner
my favorite bakery ever, so so good

surfing competition with carolyn, so great.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunday Sunsets

We attempt to go to Sunset Beach for sunset on Sunday's, it is a fun little traditional group activity for all of us!

We get a pretty good group of friends out, also it is weird they have started setting up for surf competitions in the back. Which by the way I got to see GIANT waves on Tuesday which was pretty fun and scary at the same time!

Purple hat society! Still need to have our first meeting slash tea party!
Carolyn likes to ruin pictures ha
My weird neighbors
Love my fwiends! I really do know how to spell friends but this is how we say it around here.
These next two dogs are our obsession slash girl magnets. First, is Ryan's dog, Boston who is such a trooper slash awesome!
And this is Bazzel, the new hot commodity and Boston competition. I like to call him Bizzy!
Love my friends, love the puppies, love beautiful Hawaii!