Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Everything She does is Praised!

June was able to come over for the weekend after Thanksgiving, oh and I guess Michael and Kirsten! Ha I love them and love having them around. This picture just below is our favorite, she has such a personality already! We Love Baby June!

She was hungry!

Even had to lick the table, to get every last drop!

Now its time for her bath!
Grandma T gave her a bath

She kinda liked it, kinda hated it.
Now she is all clean with Aunty Haley
June spit up on me but I can't even be mad at her really! I just love her so much. And you can't really tell but she was laughing after she did it. After it happened I was asking Haley to take June so I could get my shirt cleaned, it took three "Haleys" to get her to stop taking pictures and take the baby. Hey at least she didn't get the cashmere sweater. ha

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