Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rhett butler

i have never been so in love with a fictional character. that is before rhett butler. i don't think i've ever been in love with a character in a book. there are the twi hards that love edward or jacob and then there are even the classics like Mr. Darcy. but yeah those guys do nothing for me. i guess the love did start from a young age watching the Gone with the Wind movie, i mean who doesn't love clark gable! now i just recently finished reading the book, which was quite the challenge for me since one it is a marathon and then two when i've seen the movie it's hard for me to read the book since i feel that i already know what is going to happen. i just loved the book and i just love rhett butler and scarlett o'hara. especially at first scarlett,  she is such the heroine for me because of how strong she is and the things that she fights for. i loved how she would start to worry about things and then she would have to get it out of her head, "i can't think about that now, i'll think about that tomorrow." i guess in the book she did start to bother me because she became a very frustrating person to the ones that loved her, including myself. and by the ones that love her i mean rhett butler. these two just break my heart, that they just can't seem to work things out. why won't you two just talk to each other and tell each other how you really feel!!! anyways back to rhett… i guess i just love love! rhett loves scarlett, rhett loves bonnie. and nothing is more important than his love for them.

i don't think i'm much of a crier, ha maybe i am, but i was literally reading my book in the park and crying! i'm such a sap for this story, for scarlett, for melanie and oh my for rhett!

to rhett with much love.