Monday, August 9, 2010

Chelea and Ben's Wedding plus a pic of June!

Chels and Ben with their peep cake so cute!
Cute flowers!
I love Chels, beautiful bride.

Chels and Ben Prince
Me, Andy, Marc at the wedding!
Norton Family so cute!
Chels and her mom are so cute!
Oh and cute baby June!

June's Baby Blessing Day

The night after the blessing we had a free night stay at the Four Seasons this is what the family showed up in that night some beautiful robes!
Mom and Dad on our walk at the Four Season.
June and I in her post blessing outfit!
Calvin in my Dad's Indiana Jones costume, he was shaking he was so excited.
This face is when I start to think she looks like a Kakadelas girl.
Luke aka "The King" had to go straight back to playing Legos after the blessing.
Of course we would add another girl to the family, love baby June.
Beautiful night love the lit up gazebo.