Sunday, June 21, 2009

Take me out to the Ball Game!

A group of us went to the Padres game on Friday night with lots of fun people. We also took the coaster down which I thought was really fun even though some people liked to complain the whole way down ha! Above is the whole gang Courtney, Brian, Skyler, Nick, Andy, Mark, Morgan, Chelsea and Travis.
Some of us eating our complementary hot dog and drink.
Chelsea and I in our farthest up possible seats!
Andy, Courtney, Sklyer, and Nick on our really fun coaster ride!
All of the girls in the box seats that we happen to come across, so fun, oh and we got kicked out after a little while.

Treats and Bradly

Bradly is my cute CUTE little neighbor that I babysit. It is into a little bit of mischief and does a lot of funny little things. He is so much fun to play with and to go on walks with.
This is a picture of the Stary Night made out of cupcakes. I was so excited to see this picture some of my favorite things, CUPCAKES and STARY NIGHT!
This is a cookie sandwich that I made soo yummy, and just one of the many creations that me and my mom have been making this summer. Almost every Sunday before church me and my mom will make a new cookie so much fun for us and so tasty.

Maryella came to visit!

Maryella came to visit and we had so much fun! It was really great to see her and we had fun going around town, eating at Honey's and me shouting out all the fun little facts about my town. This picture us of us walking by Swamis which was a great little walk for us.

From Dland to the Del Mar Fair!

Busy day with lots of flashing lights, rides and junk food. Yep it was a great day and a lot on my feet!
Skyler, Josh and me at the fair, these boys are awesome!

Blakley Dean and me in front of some of the really nasty yet delicious food at the fair. Some of the things people dabled with are deep fried snickers, oreos, and some other greats.
Blake and Stu gave me a smile with teeth haha! Later that night Blake bungee jumped which was awesome and so out of the blue. Gotta love Blakey Dean!
Just some of the people visiting the animals. We saw about a hundred pigeons and a baby cow aka calf, a really big cow and a huge HUGE pig. Kaitlyn and the pig shared a moment in his sleep. Kaitlyn would oink and the pig would grunt.  So, favorite times of the night were the smells of the food, Blake bungee jumping, me racing on the track before almost getting arrested and the cute animals.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disneyland with the Fam!

My family and I went to Disneyland all together for Kirsten and Micheal's birthday and we also went to Club 33 in the park for lunch so good! It was really nice to be with the family, we probably haven't ALL been to Disneyland together since I was um maybe 10 years old. We had fun but yet another wipe out day.

This is me outside of Club 33. My dad and I went outside the restaurant to take some pictures while the rest of the family just laughed at us, haha we still had fun.
I love my sisters!
And my Dad and I in front of the UP balloon house.

I love the Haddock boys!

So, Julie and her five great crazy boys came for the week and it was so much. On Friday we spent the whole day together activities included VG's donuts, beach, surfing, Legoland, and smore's. It was so much spending the day with the boys and Julie. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we went to Legoland where the we got in for free and the parking was free all in the last hour of the day, but the boys got so excited when we walked into the park. All of them were saying "Mom, Mom look at this they have... star wars, bob the builder, etc etc. They were so cute and so much fun to be around.
This is a picture of Trevor, Julie's youngest and there are a few boys in the back playing in the sand. One of their favorite things to do is be bared in the sand by their Mom.

Below is a picture of Julie, Trevor, Chase and Cameron cooking our smore's. Cameron in the back had five smore's., and Chase cooked seven marshmallows. Those boys are good eaters. I had so much fun with them and they wiped me out!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Getty Weekend

This weekend was spent exploring all that Getty had to offer. Anne and I with occasional guest of my sister Megan and Anne's boyfriend David, was so much fun. On Friday I arrived to LA to quickly get to the Getty Villa in Malibu to make our appointment. Yes, you do have to make an appointment and yes I made it for the wrong day ha! My other dumb moment that day was taking the wrong freeway on my way up.. had a few that day. The Getty Villa was really pretty not too much to see, a lot of statues that kind of get old but the gardens and the architecture of the villa were probably the best part. We had a lot of fun taking pictures in the gardens, Anne is great with taking lots of pictures which is one of the many reasons why I love her but I was limited to how many picture I could take with my dearest sister. I think the limit was three and I used them all up ha. The next day Anne, David and I went to the Getty, which I just love that place. The building, the gardens, the actual art in the museums, everything I love it all. We had a lot of fun viewing our favorite pieces and taking lots of pictures in the gardens.