Sunday, June 21, 2009

From Dland to the Del Mar Fair!

Busy day with lots of flashing lights, rides and junk food. Yep it was a great day and a lot on my feet!
Skyler, Josh and me at the fair, these boys are awesome!

Blakley Dean and me in front of some of the really nasty yet delicious food at the fair. Some of the things people dabled with are deep fried snickers, oreos, and some other greats.
Blake and Stu gave me a smile with teeth haha! Later that night Blake bungee jumped which was awesome and so out of the blue. Gotta love Blakey Dean!
Just some of the people visiting the animals. We saw about a hundred pigeons and a baby cow aka calf, a really big cow and a huge HUGE pig. Kaitlyn and the pig shared a moment in his sleep. Kaitlyn would oink and the pig would grunt.  So, favorite times of the night were the smells of the food, Blake bungee jumping, me racing on the track before almost getting arrested and the cute animals.

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