Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunday Sunsets

We attempt to go to Sunset Beach for sunset on Sunday's, it is a fun little traditional group activity for all of us!

We get a pretty good group of friends out, also it is weird they have started setting up for surf competitions in the back. Which by the way I got to see GIANT waves on Tuesday which was pretty fun and scary at the same time!

Purple hat society! Still need to have our first meeting slash tea party!
Carolyn likes to ruin pictures ha
My weird neighbors
Love my fwiends! I really do know how to spell friends but this is how we say it around here.
These next two dogs are our obsession slash girl magnets. First, is Ryan's dog, Boston who is such a trooper slash awesome!
And this is Bazzel, the new hot commodity and Boston competition. I like to call him Bizzy!
Love my friends, love the puppies, love beautiful Hawaii!


Chelsea and Ben said...

I miss you kels! remember your bff chels forever!

Megan said...

I love it when you blog! Remember your sister Megan forever haha! I love Chelsea too!

Kels said...

i love you both! thanks for looking at my blog! xoxo