Friday, July 1, 2011

my popogigo!

my dad is swell! really he is swell! i should have posted this a while ago but i have been busy living the nyc life ha. father's day weekend i went to DC to party with jeru friends and we ended up telling a lot of dad stories and when i say we i mean to say mainly me ha. kidding. but i really did have a lot of dad stories, really good ones that my friends enjoyed. i always think that i need to write more of these stories down so that i can share them with my kids one day. but i probably should check some of my facts with daddy kim first. the title of this is my popogigo (way off on the spelling) but that is what i like to callmy dad whenever he comes in the door from work! so the story behind that is a few years ago my roommates and i bought a chirstmas tree and my one roommate addie thought we should call it popogigo. and that is because in the movie Santa Clause with Tim Allen an elf was giving all the names of santa clause in different languages and popogigo was one of them and we all thought it was hilarious so the name of our chirstmas tree that year was popogigo. sooo then i also like to call my dad mr. popageorgio (from family vacation: las vegas, watch again you'll see, so great, "mr popagerogio your usual table") somehow popagerorgio turned into popogigo and since daddy kim is like santa clause because he likes to spoil me i think the name is fitting. (sorry sorry people for my crazy train of thoughts)so i thought i share one of the many great stories of my daddy kim before i sign off. Daddy kim. BK. is the candy man at church. literally. kids come up, including me, asking him for candy. he always has plenty. but daddy kim likes to make people work for the treat. one thing that he makes a little girl in our stake say to him before she can get a sucker is "boy do you look handsome today!" and the way this cute little girl says it, is just the best! pretty good i know. enjoy. and
enjoy this picture of june and daddy kim. daddy kim giving his usual neck kisses. ps june is smitten with daddy kim. she gets all shy and flirty with him sooo tender!

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