Sunday, April 1, 2012

sing song sing..

I love Ingrid Michaelson, and I am loving her new album Human Again. This album is great but I especially loved Ribbons, This is War, In the Sea, Black and Blue, End of the World and I could pretty much name the whole album ha. Also Madewell gave a playlist to their subscribers and I am so glad they did because I love the son On my Shoulders by The Do, I've probably listened to the song almost a hundred times. At first I thought it was weird and then I just fell in love. Why does that always seem to happen with some of my favorite songs? At first I find it a strange song and then it just sinks into my soul and I'm in love ha. Lets see I'm also liking Fun's newest album and a song that I picked up for an old Gossip Girl episode, Down by the Water by The Drums.

I think I listen to music too much… is that possible? I guess I should have more quite pondering time… but then that just turns in to nonsense thinking haha, music it is. Going to sing song sing all the day long lalalalalalalalalalala.

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