Wednesday, March 14, 2012

taylor and burton

So I just finished reading Furious Love, a book about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and their great love stories.

These two lived a crazy lifestyle, and they had many many up and downs but from this book it seemed like they really really loved each other.

I kind of have this obsession with love letters, and this book just amplified it. Richard Burton wrote many love letters to Elizabeth. He was quite the writer and the way he expressed himself and his love for Elizabeth is just so beautiful.

This is the last page of the book:
"But then again, Elizabeth knew something about love letters. She received her last one in Bel Air. Richard had mailed it on August 2, 1984, so it arrived a few days after his death. It was waiting for Elizabeth when she returned from London, after attending Richard's memorial service there. It was his final letter to her, the one he had slipped away to write in his study at Celigny, surrounded by his books. It was a love letter to Elizabeth, and in it he told her what he wanted. Home was where Elizabeth was, and he wanted to come home. She's kept that letter by her bedside ever since.

A love for love letters.

Oh also fun fact, the term paparazzi could possibly be because of these two. So these two scandalously fell in love in Rome while filming Cleopatra. The Italian photographers were around them constantly trying to get a photograph of the two, they were as if annoying insects following them everywhere. The Italian word paparazzo means oversized insect/mosquito… paparazzi.

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