Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Day Party!

So we've had this new year's day party for a couple years now and it is always so much fun to see everybody that is around for the holidays. I have my camera always around but do not take enough pictures.
Luckily I got a picture with the zero friends! I love them so much and it is sad that we are hardly ever all three together!

Also some of my friends from Jeru came for the party, they were in california for new years eve. I was so happy to have them all at my house and meet my family!
Oddly enough we found a connection between tall blonde and my mom. Tall blonde john's mom and my mom went to high school together. My mom brought down her old high school year book to prove it ha!
The other jeru gang kept themselves occupied...

Sneeaky time bomb!
So this was the funniest thing. I wanted my jeru friends to meet my funny and crazy dog bella. They decided to make this game up to see how many times they could touch bella. It was sooo much fun to watch and bella had a BLAST! They did all make up at the end.

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