Thursday, October 14, 2010

St. George Roadtriping

We just returned from a roadtrip that lasted two weeks and consisted of Phoenix and St. George. We had a successful trip tying once and winning three, we are now ranked 1st in our conference, 1st in the region and 9th in the nation! Thanks for all the support towards our great season so far.
St. George Temple
Pretty Temple

Girls at the Temple before the game
Dinner with all the parents, I enjoyed talking to the Rhodes because they were neighbors with my brother in law Micheal.
I had to take Carolyn to the Sweetoothe Fairy Bake Shop
The team hiking through snow canyon.
Mearns having a stare down with the wild animal

Oh lets like take a picture, lets like fix our hair before we like do every picture ha!
The "adults" of the trip
Hey cactus and yellow flower
I really enjoyed the snow canyon activity we did, so fun, so pretty!
I love the pretty red rock

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