Friday, October 15, 2010

My Baby Bella!

My Baby Bella as a cute little puppy.

My dog Bella is probably one of my favorite people ever. And yes I say people because she likes to act like a human and has a crazy personality that gives her that human quality. So, Bella got hurt earlier this week, because she was running too fast and ran into the BBQ. She is hurting and I wish I was home taking care of my little baby. Oh and when I mention to my good friend Skyler that she got hurt, he replied, "Thats why she shouldn't be crazy and run that fast." (something along those lines) So, I wanted to make a post as to why I love my little puppy soooo much...When we first got Bella, I was away at school and was so excited to meet my new dog. I came home with all my luggage and was then tackled to the ground by my at the time puppy. She then proceeded to try to get her nose and tongue into my nose and mouth.
Bella as many of you know is our greeter to anyone that comes over. She likes to jump on people that come over, but she is getting a little better and has made lots of improvements from when we first got here. Like the first time my friend Carrie came over to meet her, Bella was so excited to have a visitor and to meet Carrie that she PEEEEED! I just remember it being so crazy... Bella jumping and peeing and Carrie uncontrollably laughing!

So, we like to joke that Bella can talk! Yes, I know we treat her too much like a human being. But, when we first got her, Megan was her main caregiver. Megan somewhat recently coming back from Spain would like to speak Spanish to Bella. Megan said that she was going to make Bella bilingual. We were all hanging out on my parents bed and I was probably scratching Bella's tummy. Once I stopped rubbing her belly, Bella then started to whine, and I told her, "Bella you know I don't speak Spanish."~~ Anchorman.. Will Ferrall.. His dog Baxter...
Bella likes to sleep, play, run, sleep some more, squeak her toys at us, and beg for our food. She likes it when we chase her around the back yard and she loves to escape out the front door. She hates the game around the island, (and she will tell you so) but she will play it anyway. When you run away from her and she finally catches up to you she likes to either cut you off or start gnawing on your arm slash hand. Bella loves to give us kisses and Haley seems to be the only one willing to take them. Bella likes to sleep like a human with her head out of the covers. She also likes to make room for herself on the bed by either squeezing herself between two people or by pushing you away with her legs, pretending to stretch. You won't believe all the morning I have woken up on the very edge of my bed with Bella up against me with her legs stretched out to the large open space of the rest of my bed. Bella likes to be sneaky, and we all know she is up to no good when she is upstairs and it is quite. She typically will be going through our trash, or purses looking for food, chapstick or our gum. Bella loves going on walks and runs with the family, which will start out with her pulling on the leash to a point of chocking herself, to the end of the run when she completely stops as you are trying to run up a hill.

So many other funny stories, so much love for my little baby Bella!

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Megan said...

This is the cutest post ever. We love our baby Bella. She is a good girl. Another funny picture is her with the sucker in her mouth ... or Christmas when we were eating in the living room and she came and watched from the window ... like a little creeper. Man, I love that dog.