Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick Recap.

Alright so a lot has happened lately and I will have to recap quickly. I am trying to email, write a journal, classes and do this blog, it will be great to look back on. Also I hope to go to the Hebrew University soon so I can put up pictures, apparently too complicated for our internet here ha. So, Sunday was our first free day and I was able to do lots of things with some of my new friends. We took a little walk (first part 1.5 hr and second part 45 min) ha on the city ways around most of the city. We went from Jaffa gate to Lions gate which took us from about the Christian quarter of town /west side to the Muslim quarter/east side. I enjoyed this walk a lot because you could see all that was in the city and all that was outside of the city. It also helped me to get a little more oriented as to where everything is in town and outside of the Old City. We even made a stop along the way to the money changer at Demascus gate. The money changer loves us Mormon kids and is very nice to give us a good exchange rate. Yeah so then we went on the second half of the gate from Jaffa to Dung gate which takes you right to the Walling Wall. Oh I forgot earlier that day we went to the Walling Wall and the Dome of the Rock, they are right next to each other, its so weird how these major religions major sites are right next to each other ha. We tried to go through like five different gates before we got to the right gate that would let us into the area for the Dome of the Rock apparently tourist visiting the DoftheR can only go through the gate by the Walling Wall (good mental note). So back to the walking along the city wall the second part was cool because we went to parts of town we hadn't been before and got to see them from a ariel perspective. We walked past the Armainian quarter and the Jewish quarter, it is interesting to see such a change in people, cultural, buildings etc in such close quarters. It was great to talk to everybody in our group along this wall and also fun to take some cool pictures.
The next day we visited I believe four sites that gave us different views of the Old City also giving us some more Biblical insight as to all the great and many wonderful things that happened in this very place. It is great to have things from the Old Testament put into the places that we are looking at everyday. Love learning more about the Bible, so many great, funny, bizarre, interesting stories that happened and all in close proximity to each other. The today was great because I literally got to read scriptures from Nehemiah in the place that they happen. Literally visited the city water gate that they are talking about in the Bible. I really can't believe I am here sometimes. I do wish I could be sharing this experience with my family and friends so I guess blogging will just have to do. I love it here, I miss you all!


Megan said...

I can't believe I didn't know you were blogging. WTF. TIJ.

Chelsea said...

love it!!!