Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am going to see the Pyramids!

After visiting the Western Wall, by the Dome of the Rock. First time being out at night in the Old City.
Friends and I being silly at the caves of Zediciaha.

So I have been pretty busy lately. ( And I think I will continue to be busy ha) But unfortunately I haven't been busy with anything super fun. Oh except that we went as a class to Jericho and the Judean Wilderness. It is so interesting to be at the sites that are in the Bible. Who would have ever thought that I could be here right now. We also stopped by this monastery that is supposedly where Christ was tempted by Satan with hunger. Hopefully I am getting the story right, but yeah we were there at this monastery that is built into this mountain, it was a little scary to be way up there on such a close edge but was cool to look over the Judean wilderness. Oh and we could also see these caves that hermit guys live in, the caves were on the neighboring hill/mountain. So, lately I have just been doing lots of school work, reading, etc, all in preparation for Egypt. It all gets us so excited to learn about the things that we will be seeing in Egypt. Also these past few days have been funny because the staff here has been asking us to prepare to be really careful as to what we eat there because the water is bad and anything that could come close to the water is bad and will make you SICK! All the water comes from the Nile which is filthy and is filled with bacteria. ha! Everybody is all worried about getting sick and we have been told that it is very likely that more than half of us with have diahhera while we are there. Kind of humorous to think about but probably wont be so funny when are stomachs are cramping up into a knot. This makes me think of the songs my Dad would sing to us when we were kids. "When your sittin' on a log and you feel something clog. Diahhera Diahhera! When your going down a slide and you feel something glide... Diahhera Diahhera." And there were many great versus to come but I can't remember ha! So everybody keep your figures crossed that I won't get sick! But no matter what everybody says that you will have the best time at Egypt and you really shouldn't worry about getting sick. I really don't think I would actually be here if it wasn't for this trip that I am about to go on. And when I was sitting in the meeting with Dr. Kearl, who was trying to freak all of us out about the program, i just kept thinking..."I get to see the pyramids, I get to see the pyramids!" Can't wait to report on my trip.


Megan said...

It's like Mexico, but different ... 'When your'e sitting on the throne and your stomach starts to groan' ...

Kirsten J said...

Miss you sissy!