Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a little tid bit

overheard in nyc walking in rain this afternoon... "ewww i would totally not judge him, no, no." one. love the ewww. two. i love to judge people. three. hey hey no no!

the little thing i learned today about nyc. green street signs are the normal plain street signs. blue are named after somebody "important". annnnnd brown are historical streets. oh and the black street signs down by wall street are from the original dutch territory, um possibly something like that. ha

well i have been settling into this crazy city. for the most part i have been walking around A LOT. visiting lots of bakeries, sometimes even two bakeries in one day. learning the subway system that i always want to call the metro annnd finding some babysitting jobs. havent had any full days for the museums that i have wanted to visit... i need unlimited amount of time at these museums.

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