Monday, September 27, 2010

Exploring the Island

I get to go on so many adventures and hikes living here in Hawaii, I love it!

This was the end of the one hike I did this past weekend, so pretty and such an adventure.
Had to go down the log, very scary.
We had to go up this straight cliff, Jordan failed, so sad.
Gideon getting up the cliff.
Ski also struggling
While everyone was trying to get up, I had time to take a pretty photo.

Boys coming across the log, it was like a 20 ft drop below.
So there was this moss everywhere, felt like carpet with bounce and super soft, loved it and wanted to take it home!
The trees on the hike.
We were trying to find this fresh water lake, had so much fun looking for it even though we couldn't find it, later found out there was a hour long TRAIL we could have taken.
The hike to the lighthouse
This is from the hike I did this past weekend crazy beautiful trees
The view by the lighthouse
Hike to a waterfall
On the way to the waterfall