Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I've been baking lately..

I made some vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and to make them festive for the Fourth of July I add red and blue berries. Fruit and baked goods equals crazy deliciousness!
So many fun ways to put raspberries and blueberries on a cupcake.

And yess they were super yummy.

So I've really missed cakebites from the bakery I use to work at so I decided to make them myself. They don't quite taste the same but they will do the fix.
The finished product.
I also decided to make shortbread cookies because I never have had them. They are way good but something needs to be added I think. I did some test of dipping them in chocolate, but I think it is more a matter of putting something in the cookie dough.
Interesting chocolate designs.
Tell me what you think of the visual display of the cookies ha!