Thursday, June 3, 2010

our nation's capital

I was able to go to Washington D.C. last week to visit the Melissa, Christine and our nation's capital. I was suppose to have a long vacation visiting not only dc, but also new york and utah. But luckily I got a job at ANTHROPOLOGIE! So, I had to return home to go to orientation and start work. I am so excited that I got the job, but I will admit I am not use to having a job with hours and shift etc. Yes that is pretty weird for a 23 year old, but hey I am blaming it on soccer, the thing I normally blame everything for ha. But hey I had a great time in dc, mainly just to be with two of my best friends as well as getting to explore all the touristy things.

Abe's memorial.
We found missionaries out seeing the sights on their P-day and we bought them ice cream. Love the awkward spacing in the picture!
Melis is a great photographer, she got on the ground to take the picture with us and the whole Washington Monument
The boy who took this picture for us was so great, we offered him to spend the day with us and take our pictures, but oddly he declined, I don't weird.

Maybe so more pictures to come!


Anne & Dan said...

ahhhh I want to be there! If I was that boy I would have accepted, what was he thinking?!

Kels said...

yeah anne! so yeah i wish you were there too!

Megan said...

I love these!

Hillary said...

i want to be there too Anne! Awww... I am super jealous! I love you girlies!