Friday, March 12, 2010

Some More From the Past Month

So these pictures are all scattered. But you get the idea of all the great things I have been up to here.

Nala, Me and Brooke. All at Bethlehem University. Very interesting day to see the students both Muslim and Christians getting a great education.
Group at the Beth U.
Day at Tel Aviv
In front of the Souk at Tel Aviv. Gage, Mary, Nala, Brooke and Andrew.
Playing in the rain on the West side when everything was closed super funny.
Yeah puddles I miss my yellow rain boots!
Me and my lover Gretch at the Temple Mount.
By the Western Wall underneath the Dome of the Rock grounds.
All the girls celebrating Aaron's birthday on the West Side
All of us girls got roses from our boys on Valentine's Day.
Cover Album Pic.
With Emma on top of a tower in the middle of the Old City.
This was the first week at the Western Wall.
Jump with Brookey and Nala.
Dormition Abbey with Jeff, Emma, Lindsey, Nala and Aaron


Megan said...

That cover album is SO Indie. TIJ

scott said...

awesome kels. you guys climb on everything...