Sunday, February 7, 2010

Egypt in pictures.

I can't remember where I am.
I am pretty much a column.
Pretty view.
Aaron the sacrifice.
Animal... and i wasn't at the zoo.
Chest bump with Nalla.
Brooke, Nalla (Natalie), Aaron, Me and Corina.
Catching some sun on top of Mt. Sinai
Cousin picture..ah what should we do... look at the pretty city!
Muhammad Ali Mosque
Luxor temple.. we like to do jumping pictures you can tell.
The sphinx goes rrarh!
Jumping in between Karnak Temple columns.
Before the Camel ride.
Cousin picture at one of my favorite places. Hatshepsut Temple.
I loved this place.
Only Egyptian pose picture of the whole trip. ha.
Oh hello mr. sphinx..
Corina, me, Brooke and Nalla oh and the pyramids!
I got the angle down... aaron not so much.
First pictures at the temple.


Lindsay Wright said...

kels! looks like you are having so much fun! love all the pictures!

scott said...

i am jealous!

Megan said...

You're neat